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Lab Members

Verzi Lab Members, 2016

From Left to Right:

Back row: Verzi, Kevin Tong, Rob Fullem, Natalie Toke, Ansu Perekatt, Om Kothari, Alex Wu

Front row: Manasa Srivilli, Shannon Cheung, Veerin Sirihorachai, Bailey Warder, Lei Chen, Pooja Shah, Oscar Pellon-Cardenas

Congrats to Namit, who graduated and is doing a postdoc at Merk on cancer epigenomics!

Mike Verzi, PI

Mike trained with Brian Black at UCSF and among other projects discovered an unanticipated role for a cardiovascular transcription factor in craniofacial development. He then did a postdoc with Ramesh Shivdasani at Harvard investigating transcription factors at the genome-scale and discovered an unappreciated mechanism of transcription factor activity in the homeostatic intestinal epithelium. His background has a strong impact on the lab, with many projects reflecting his experiences studying transcriptional control of cell behaviors in differentiating systems.

When not in the lab, he enjoys the Giants and Yankees, cooking, his babies, but never cooking his babies.