Rutgers University School of Arts and Sciences Division of Life Sciences


I regularly participate in the following courses at Rutgers:

447:302 Quantitative Biology and Bioinformatics
This is a computer-based laboratory course that introduces students to the use of computers in biological research.  Students learn introductory computer programming and develop applications and analyses for problems in genetics and molecular biology.  I particpate in the four-week module on genetic association analysis.  This course is offered every Spring. Course Syllabus.

447:481 Topics in Human Genetics
This is an upper-level undergraduate course designed to cover several areas within human genetics in greater detail than is covered in other classes.  The topics are kept current as the field of genetics is changing at a rapid pace.  I teach a three lecture series on the mapping of simple and complex genetic traits.  This course is offered every Fall. Course Syllabus.

148:530 Human Genetics
While this is designed as a graduate course, advanced undergraduates are welcome.  This course provides an in-depth introduction to the analysis of human genetic disorders, with a particular emphasis on the statistical methods used to identify genetic defects associated with disorders.  The course consists of a didactic portion that provides relevant background on important concepts in classical and molecular human genetics and a data analysis portion that provides training in the use of genetic analysis software and includes extensive data analysis exercises.  I am the course director and sole instructor.  This course is temporarily on hold pending the reorganization of the Molecular Biosciences and affiliated graduate programs. Course Syllabus.

Seminar in Genetics/Honors Seminar in Genetics
These courses are open only to senior Genetics Majors.  I teach a section of seminar every several years.

Research in Genetics, Honors in Genetics
Undergraduate Genetics Majors interested in my areas of research are welcome to contact me about opportunities to register for Research in Genetics in my laboratory.  Students interested in research should read the Undergraduate Research page of this site. Students accepted for research may also register for Research in Genetics - Writing Intensive: Course Syllabus.