Rutgers University School of Arts and Sciences Division of Life Sciences

Psychiatric Symptomatology

Recent advances in psychiatric genetics has revealed that many different pairs of  psychiatric disorders have some overlap of genetic risk factors. Our lab has an interest in exploring the genetic underpinning of psychopathology at the level of individual symptoms, to see if this framework will better clarify the relationship between genotype and phenotype in psychiatric illness.

Since 2018  our lab has served as the data curation site for the NIMH Repository and Genomics Resource, the largest sharing repository of biosamples for psychiatric genetics. Our repository has samples from over 200,000 subjects, all with accompanying clinical data. Many of these samples also have available high density genotype data. Most of these subjects have specific symptom level diagnostic data available. We are in the process of curating and harmonizing this detailed clnical data to aid investigators in selecting subjects for further study. Our lab also has a research interest in using these symptom level data as building blocks for clinically coherent constructs that do not fully align with traditional psychiatric diagnoses but may be useful for genetic investigations.