Rutgers University School of Arts and Sciences Division of Life Sciences

Undergraduate Research

Research in Genetics

Undergraduate Genetics Majors interested in my areas of research are welcome to contact me about opportunities to register for Research in Genetics in my laboratory.  At this time we do not have space to offer research experiences for non-majors.  Please also note that we do not accept students for summer-only experiences. 

New Policy: Due to the increased demand for Research in Genetics, students will be accepted into the lab for credit for two semesters at a time.  Students with excellent performance and those planning to complete an Honors Thesis will be allowed to return the following year. 

Students interested in research can see a further description of research in my laboratory here: Undergraduate Research Description

My laboratory is currently full for Fall 2014 for students wishing to register for Research in Genetics.  We have space for new Freshmen and Sophomores interested in obtaining an informal experience with our group.


Honors in Genetics

We welcome students interested in conducting Honors Research.  Some prior projects:

Ariane Seto '13: Fine Mapping and Association Analysis of Candidate Genes for Autism Spectrum Disorders in a Sample Ascertained for Language Impairment

Nicole Reich '12: Identifying Functional Variants Involved in Schizophrenia Risk

Jennifer Przybylski '12: A Myriad of Questions: Do Gene Patents Help or Hinder Genetic Research?

Heidi Chen '11: Genes Associated with Schizophrenia Susceptibility in Individuals with 22qDS

Marc Lava '08: Searching for a Genetic Association Between Specific microRNA Related Sequence Variations and Schizophrenia

Holly Memoli '05: Analyzing Non-Coding Variants Associated with Schizophrenia in the CAPON Gene