Rutgers University School of Arts and Sciences Division of Life Sciences


Group members:

  • Phillip Ai, summer undergrad (visiting from MIT), 2012
  • Abigail Ameri, RiSE undergrad (visiting from Ramapo), 2013, currently at Univ. of Georgia
  • Cassandra Burdziak, SAS Honors biomathematics undergrad (joint with Siobain Duffy), 2016, currently at Cornell
  • Boyang Fu, Aresty undergraduate student
  • David Gould, masters student, 2012
  • M. Senthil Kumar, rotation PhD student, 2011, currently at Univ. of Maryland
  • Albert Kuo, DIMACS undergrad, currently at Johns Hopkins University
  • Danielle Leake, masters student, 2015, currently at Medical Diagnostics Labs
  • Jixia Liu, research associate, 2014, currently at Marshfield Clinic
  • Jui Wan Loh, rotation PhD student, 2017
  • Sergio Lukic, postdoc, 2010, currently at Goldman Sachs
  • Philip MacMenamin, senior scientific programmer, 2013, currently at NIH
  • Scott Norton, DIMACS undergrad (visiting from UConn), 2013, currently at UPenn
  • Pamela Perez, rotation PhD student, 2009
  • Adam Pershan, DIMACS undergrad (visiting from UPenn), 2012, currently at Crossix Solutions
  • Doug Robinson, rotation PhD student, 2010, currently at Proterro (startup)
  • Rajat Roy, PhD student, 2011, currently at Illumina
  • Sandra Schnakenberg, postdoc, 2012, currently at Memorial Sloan Kettering Cancer Center
  • Kendrew Shum, Aresty Undergraduate Student
  • Jimin Song, postdoc, currently at Palentir Technologies
  • Yuwen Wang, Aresty math/statistics undergrad