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Photo Gallery

Pretty Confocal Images of Eggs

Our first confocal image of an egg

 Met I oocyte stained with DAPI, Crest and H3T3ph

 Example of an egg with normal chromsome number using the "Monastrol Spreading Technique"

 Misaligned chromsomes at metaphase II

2012 Lab Olympics

Pin the Tail on the Mouse

Egg Toss 

Petri Dish Balance Race

Mouth Pipet Race


Lab Retreats

Summer 2012

Summer 2013

Lab pic 2013
Summer 2014

Summer 2015

 Holiday party 2014

Holiday lunch 2016

Science-themed treats

Meiosis cookies and mouse cupcakes a' la Ally and Erika


Histone H3 cookies

Chromosome Passenger Complex cookies


KO Mouse cake