Rutgers University School of Arts and Sciences Division of Life Sciences


Research area: Genetics of compulsive behaviors (such as alcoholism, drug addiction, and compulsive gambling/internet use) and neuro-sensory disorders (neuropathic pain).


Description of research: Our laboratory is interested in the molecular and genetic basis of complex brain disorders, including genetic vulnerability to alcoholism and drug abuse, and molecular mechanisms underlying neuro-sensory processes such as stress, neuropathic pain, and analgesia.  In general, our research can be considered as to explore the molecular genetic basis of ‘pain and suffering’, in that both physical pain (such as neuropathic pain) and psychological suffering (alcoholism, drug addiction, other compulsive behaviors such as internet addiction and pathological gambling) are studies --- in order to better our understanding of the biological underpinnings of these behaviors, and inform coping strategies and medical interventions.